Case Study - eSoft Stock Count

1. Executive Summary

Stock taking is the counting of on-hand inventory, this means identifying every item on hand, counting it and summarizing these quantities by item. There may also be a verification step, where the count results are compared to the inventory unit counts in a company's IT system.

This project was initiated with the objective of aiming to resolve the following problems encountering during stock Counts for one of our reputed Clients.

2. Business Challenge

Business faced numerous issues during their Monthly Stock count process, below are few major challenges related to Time, Man Power, Repetitive efforts, Tools to conduct verification during monthly stock count process:

1 .The Approximate time taken to complete the count. (16 hours)

2. The number of people used to do the count (6 teams of two people per team = 12 people)

3. The number of recounts that had to be done when the comparison of counts of the various teams was conducted (approx. 35% of 700 pallets = 245 pallets)

4. The time taken to do the recounts (8 hours)

5. The time taken to consolidate the figures once recounts were completed. (8 hours)

6. Comparing physical count with existing Inventory System (4 hours)

7. Resolving stock variances (8 hours)

3. Solution

eSoft Team developed a mobile stock take system which was device enabled and catered to the below processes:

• Capture the Stock Count on hand held devices

• Easy selection and input of Categories, Items, location and quantity

• Web enabled tool for live comparison of the data captured by the teams

• Automated Verification Process for Variance Analysis

• Automated Management Reporting

Sample Application Screenshots

4.Key Results

eSoft Team were successful with a 100% success rate, substantiated as follows with reference to above points:

1. Total Stock Count timeframe (8 hours) = 50% reduction

2. Teams required with new system (teams, 4 people) = 67% reduction

3. Out of 740 pallets, only 63 Pallets were recounted = 75 % reduction

4. As a result in 3 above reduced the recount time to 2 hours = 75% reduction

5. It took only 20 minutes to consolidate figures = 96% reduction

6. Comparing physical count with existing Inventory System took 10 minutes = 96% reduction

7. Resolving stock variances took 3 hours = 63% reduction.

5.Client Feedback

"Think Technology...Think eSoft!"


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